A Reckoning Encroaches

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A Reckoning Encroaches | 12.6% ABV

Jason pulled a bunch of barrel samples with the crew from The Whale to select a barrel and adjuncts for their anniversary. He got to this barrel and the Whale guys got excited and said, “This is the one, it doesn’t need any adjuncts!” But Jason told them, “This barrel has to be for The Stacks!” Thankfully, it worked out for everyone: you get the bottles and they get a couple of kegs. This stout only spent just over a year in a 1792 barrel, so it has a great balance of young liveliness partnered with rich depth.

This is bottle release 3/10 for Stacks members.

Art by Angie Jerez

Each member is allotted TWO bottles of this release. You will be able to pick up all bottles starting on 6/24 at 2 p.m. If your proxy is picking up this release for you, please have them give your name at pick up. Please make sure there are two bottles in your cart before checking out.

This product can only be purchased by members.
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